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AKSW at #ISWC2014. Come and join, talk and discuss with us!

Hello AKSW Follower! We are very pleased to announce that nine of our papers were accepted for presentation at ISWC 2014. In the main track of the conference we will present the following papers: AGDISTIS – Graph-Based Disambiguation of Named … Continue reading

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Planet Federated Social Web Launched

Because we all like Planet RDF and the Federated Social Web Community does not have such a service at the moment, we’ve recently launched Planet Federated Social Web as a community service for the W3C Federated Social Web Incubator Group … Continue reading

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OntoWiki 0.9.5 Available

The AKSW research group is pleased to announce that OntoWiki 0.9.5 is now available for download. OntoWiki is a web-application enabling the collaborative creation and (linked data) publication of RDF knowledge bases. More information about OntoWiki can be found at … Continue reading

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Semantic Pingback

This is an announcement of the technical report as well as three different implementations of Semantic Pingback. Semantic Pingback tackles the quality, timeliness and coherence as well as direct end user benefits of the emerging Linked Data Web. Semantic Pingback … Continue reading

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xOperator Masters Thesis completed

Finally my Masters Thesis covering our xOperator project is finished and can be viewed here. The thesis covers the whole creation and implementation process and thus adds some Software Engineering to the ideas presented at ESWC08 and ISWC08.  I’ll happily … Continue reading

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xOperator 0.2 pre-release reunion

After some weeks of silence, Sebastian asked for a pre-release meeting for the 0.2 release of xOperator which we held today. We updated the issue tracker and talked about future plans and ideas. For this, Jörg and Sebastian created presentations: … Continue reading

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ESWC / SFSW 2008

I will give a talk about our xOperator project at the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2008) on Tenerife next Wednesday. The xOperator is an agent for xmpp / jabber network which queries and shares trusted resources (using RDF/SPARQL) for you … Continue reading

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Goodbye SourceForge …

The xOperator Project is moved to Google Code which is much faster (the tracker, not the subversion repository) and has some nice features (e.g. the customizable grid view). Traditionally we use for our open source project management. SF is … Continue reading

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xOperator 0.1 released

xOperator combines advantages of social network websites with instant messaging. It tries to be a semantic agent for xmpp / jabber network which finds and shares content about resources (using RDF/SPARQL) for you and your jabber friends. The first public … Continue reading

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First Contact (Introducing xOperator)

Fresh from the subversion repository, our new semantic agent project xOperator is now able to play with my local OntoWiki knowledge bases. The initial development to this tool will be done by Jörg Unbehauen as part of his master thesis. … Continue reading

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