ESWC / SFSW 2008

OntoWiki Eyetracking Screenshot

I will give a talk about our xOperator project at the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2008) on Tenerife next Wednesday. The xOperator is an agent for xmpp / jabber network which queries and shares trusted resources (using RDF/SPARQL) for you and your jabber friends. In addition to the full paper, we got good reviews for the demo session too. So I present the xOperator in a more technical way at the demo session on Tuesday.

Another project which we started here is RDFAPI-JS. I present this work at the Scripting for the Semantic Web Workshop (SFSW2008) which is co-located with the ESWC. RDFAPI-JS is used for RDFa widgets which can be used to modify embedded RDF models.

Thanks to Jörg, Martin and Seppl (and of course Haschek for the awesome poster) which helped me preparing the demo and the presentations. Sorry for this last week … 🙂

For more information about the projects, have a look at the following publications:

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