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OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Asynchronous Jobs with Gearmand

To be ready for use-cases where time-consuming jobs need to be done in the background, the eccenca dev team added support for the gearmand job server: Gearman provides a generic application framework to farm out work to other machines or … Continue reading

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OntoWiki Feature of the Week: LOV Integration

This weeks presented feature is the new integration interface of the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) repository. LOV is a hand crafted repository of linked RDF/OWL vocabularies with well managed vocabulary meta data. We added a Vocabulary Selection module in order … Continue reading

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OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Document Management

This weeks presented feature is the files extension available at An not so often requested feature of OntoWiki is the ability to not just talk about resources such as PDF documents and MP3 files, but also to manage these … Continue reading

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OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Enhanced Query Shell

Dear OntoWiki Users, today we start a feature of the week series to announce some recent features of OntoWiki or of some of OntoWiki extensions. This weeks feature is visible in OntoWiki’s query shell result table. Each result resource can … Continue reading

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Xturtle: Turtle editing the Eclipse-way

We are happy to announce the first public version of our Turtle editor Xturtle. Xturtle is eclipse / Xtext2 based and provides a basic editing solution for the Turtle RDF syntax to allow for easy editing of textual representations of … Continue reading

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LOD2 Plenary Meeting: WebID and Authorization SIG

Today morning, we started the main LOD2 plenary meeting in Vienna. The first half day session the WebID special interest group discussed about WebID based single sign for the LDO2 stack and authorization. The challenge here is to provide a interoperable authorization layer which describe user, groups / roles and access to different parts of the stack as well as the managed knowledge bases. We agreed on the following short and long-time goals and activities: WebID registration service and stack internal authorization policy. Continue reading

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Planet Federated Social Web Launched

Because we all like Planet RDF and the Federated Social Web Community does not have such a service at the moment, we’ve recently launched Planet Federated Social Web as a community service for the W3C Federated Social Web Incubator Group … Continue reading

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OntoWiki 0.9.5 Available

The AKSW research group is pleased to announce that OntoWiki 0.9.5 is now available for download. OntoWiki is a web-application enabling the collaborative creation and (linked data) publication of RDF knowledge bases. More information about OntoWiki can be found at … Continue reading

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Nachtrag: 2. Leipziger Semantic Web Tag

Am letzten Donnerstag fand mit großem Erfolg der 2. LSWT auf dem Mediencampus in Leipzig statt. Die Veranstaltung zog über 200 Teilnehmer aus Wissenschaft, Unternehmen und öffentlichen Verwaltungen an. In vielen interessanten und anwendungsorientierten Vorträgen konnten die Besucher Einblicke in … Continue reading

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owcli 0.3 released

We’ve released the third version of our OntoWiki Command Line Interface (owcli). owcli is a php-based command line tool to administrate and manipulate OntoWiki Knowledge Bases. The release is a complete remake as an JSON/RPC client in order are save … Continue reading

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