Xturtle: Turtle editing the Eclipse-way

We are happy to announce the first public version of our Turtle editor Xturtle. Xturtle is eclipse / Xtext2 based and provides a basic editing solution for the Turtle RDF syntax to allow for easy editing of textual representations of RDF graphs.

Xturtle 1.0 features

  • syntax highlighting,
  • code completion (resource qnames, datatypes, language tags, literals, prefixe and namespaces URIs from prefix.cc),
  • turtle templates,
  • syntax validation,
  • internal linking to descriptions,
  • preview of resources,
  • navigation in outline and quick outline,
  • folding (prefixes, subject blocks, multiline literals) and
  • multiple customization options.

Homepage: http://aksw.org/Projects/Xturtle (also available as machine readable linked data resource)

Xturtle is available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License 1.0.
It is the result of our cooperation with the itemis AG and demonstrates the power of the Eclipse Xtext2 framework.

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