OntoWiki Feature of the Week: LOV Integration

This weeks presented feature is the new integration interface of the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) repository. LOV is a hand crafted repository of linked RDF/OWL vocabularies with well managed vocabulary meta data. We added a Vocabulary Selection module in order to allow searching and exploring of the LOV repository. This module allows for:

  • Create a Knowledge Base directly from a search result by importing the content from the web (create model screen)
  • Add the content of a specific vocabulary to an existing Knowledge Base (add data screen)
  • Add namespace prefixes based on a LOV search (configure model screen)

Search is done by a SPARQL query which uses a case-insensitive regular expression over all direct properties of the listed vocabularies.

The screenshot shows the module in action, in this case a result of a search for “Event”.

This LOV integration is currently available in the develop branch only and will be released with the next OntoWiki version.

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