SlideWiki is now Open Source

We are pleased to announce that we have just released the source code under the permissive Apache open-source license. It is now available for download from the AKSW Github repository at:

The SlideWiki database dumps are also available at: is a platform for OpenCourseWare authoring and enables communities of educators to author, share and re-use multilingual educational content in a truly collaborative way. By completely open-sourcing SlideWiki and giving the community access to all the content we aim at:

  • Providing open access to crowdsourced e-learning material to be authored, shared and reused.
  • Collaborating with other open-source projects to improve the quality of SlideWiki implementation.
  • Inviting developers to openly contribute to SlideWiki and to write customized plugins and themes for SlideWiki.
  • Providing offline access to SlideWiki system.

To read more about SlideWiki features, see:

On behalf of SlideWiki team,
Ali Khalili, Darya Tarasowa and Sören Auer

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