OntoWiki 0.9.5 Available

The AKSW research group is pleased to announce that OntoWiki 0.9.5 is now available for download.

OntoWiki is a web-application enabling the collaborative creation and (linked data) publication of RDF knowledge bases.

More information about OntoWiki can be found at http://ontowiki.net. You can download OntoWiki in our google code file section.

Enhancements in this release include:

  • Support for Semantic Pingback, a protocol which enables OntoWiki to communicate named links from linked data resources or blog systems like WordPress.
  • Support for the publication of provenance information via Linked Data.
  • A new navigation module which support the configuration and usage of arbitrary navigation hierarchies (e.g. based on classes, SKOS elements, geospatial entities or FOAF groups).
  • A bookmarklet for collecting RDFa-based information into a specific OntoWiki knowledge base.
  • More editing widgets, e.g. for phone number and mailto: resources.
  • A new mapping module for the resource visualisation and filtering based on maps.
  • Attribute / Tag clouds based on selected RDF properties.
  • A GUI for complex SPARQL filter (contains, larger, smaller, between and bound)
  • A JSON/RPC server as an additional interface (e.g. for the command line client)
  • A plugin to create nice URIs based on the content of a new resource.

A detailed log of the over 200 enhancements and bug fixes of this release is available at our issue tracker.

Many thanks to the contributors of this OntoWiki release (in alphabetical order): Atanas Alexandrov, Christian Maier, Christoph Riess, Jonas Brekle, Marvin Frommhold, Michael Haschke, Michael Martin, Michael Niederstätter, Natanael Arndt, Norman Heino, Philipp Frischmuth and Tim Ermilov

best regards

Sebastian Tramp

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