ORE 0.2 Released

Today, we released version 0.2 of the ontology repair and enrichment (ORE) tool. It is a tool for knowledge engineers to improve an OWL ontology through a wizard like repair process and uses state-of-the-art ontology debugging methods. The main feature in version 0.2 is a mode for incrementally detecting inconsistencies in large knowledge bases available as SPARQL endpoints. Using this mode, we have detected inconsistencies and computed justifications in DBpedia Live and OpenCyc. Previously, both knowledge bases were too large to compute justifications on standard hardware to the best of our knowledge, i.e. inconsistencies could not be fixed efficiently. A screencast illustrates this process for the case of DBpedia Live. Thanks to Lorenz B├╝hmann for his work on ORE.

ORE Homepage | Download | Screencast | AKSW Homepage

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