Networking Session on Governmental Linked Data at ICT2010

The Open Knowledge Foundation Working Group on EU Open Data (where AKSW is an active member) is organising a session on linked government data at the ICT2010 event in Brussels later this year.

  • Where? T 003, Brussels Expo
  • When? 11:00-12:30 CET, 28th September 2010

This networking session will discuss how public access to government data – crucial for an open and transparent society – can be improved.

This session has been proposed by IT professionals, scientists and government representatives organised – under the auspices of the Open Knowledge Foundation – as the Working Group on EU Open Data. It aims to establish a forum for networking and exchanging ideas with regard to publishing and linking governmental data, identifying technological developments and showcasing successful cases of linked governmental data. Developments in linked data could help further integrate information published by regional, national and European public administrations. The session is thematically relevant to a number of pillars within the Framework Programme as well as the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme.

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