Triplify 0.8 Released

We just released version 0.8 of the Triplify script, which includes the following feature enhancements and fixes:

  • Triplify now supports the Semantic Pingback mechanism: It exposes a X-Pingback HTTP header field, it contains a XML-RPC service (also usable by conventional Pingback clients) and it exports Pingback statements along with the instance data.
  • Fix: The cache ID is now generated using the server name, port and request URI.
  • Fix: We added a 404 Resource not Found error message.
  • Fix: We added a config option to disable the use of mod_rewrite (for cases, where the module is available, but not configured).
  • Fix: Removed hard-coded MySQL settings to allow e.g. PostgreSQL servers (#2899948)
  • Fix: Duplicate triples in some cases (#2833620)
  • Fix: 404 when URI with query was requested (e.g. json output, #2631600)

The new features are documented on

Thanks to everybody contributing bug fixes or comments and code (especially Eric Feliksik).

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