Semantic Pingback

This is an announcement of the technical report as well as three different implementations of Semantic Pingback.

Semantic Pingback tackles the quality, timeliness and coherence as well as direct end user benefits of the emerging Linked Data Web. Semantic Pingback extends the well-known Pingback method, which is a technological cornerstone of the blogosphere.

It is based on the advertising of an RPC service for propagating typed RDF links between Data Web resources. It is downwards compatible with conventional Pingback implementations, thus allowing to connect and interlink resources on the Social Web with resources on the Data Web.

We implemented the Semantic Pingback mechanism in three different scenarios:

  • A Semantic Pingback server and client plugin for OntoWiki
  • A Semantic Pingback server integrated in Triplify, thus supporting the interlinking with relational data on the Data Web.
  • A standalone Semantic Pingback server was implemented in PHP, that can be utilized with arbitrary resources that do not provide a Pingback service themselves.

If you do not want to provide a Pingback service on your own, you can use the AKSW Semantic Pingback Service which notifies you via email.

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