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AKSW wins Big Data Challenge

November 1, 2013 - 8:33 pm by AxelNgonga - No comments »

Greetings all!

The best 12th ISWC to ever be was concluded with the traditional award ceremony and … we won! The Big Data Challenge award was attributed to our work on Fostering Serendipity Through Big Linked Data. The idea behind this paper was to show how the integration and visualization of large amounts of data can empower end users during their quest for new knowledge. In this paper, we implemented this idea for bio-medical experts by combining Linked TCGA (the winner of the I-Challenge 2013) with publications from PubMed within the visualization available here. This work is intended to be the first in a series of works on exploiting Big Data to support researchers in their everyday work.


New DBpedia Overview Article

June 24, 2013 - 5:05 pm by Jens Lehmann - No comments »

We are pleased to announce that a new overview article for DBpedia is available.

The article covers several aspects of the DBpedia community project:

  • The DBpedia extraction framework.
  • The mappings wiki as the central structure for maintaining the community-curated DBpedia ontology.
  • Statistics on the multilingual support in DBpedia.
  • DBpedia live synchronisation with Wikipedia.
  • Statistics on the interlinking of DBpedia with other parts of the LOD cloud (incoming and outgoing links).
  • Several usage statistics: What kind of queries are asked against DBpedia and how did that change over the past years? How much traffic do the official static and live endpoint as well as the download server have? What are the most popular DBpedia datasets?
  • A description of use cases and applications of DBpedia in several areas (drop me mail if important applications are missing).
  • The relation of DBpedia to the YAGO, Freebase and WikiData projects.
  • Future challenges for the DBpedia project.

After our ISWC 2009 paper on DBpedia, this is the (long overdue) new reference article for DBpedia, which should provide a good introduction to the project. We submitted the article as a system report to the Semantic Web journal.

Download article as PDF.

Special Issue on Web Data Quality in IJSWIS

June 14, 2013 - 2:55 pm by AmrapaliZaveri - 4 comments »

Call for papers
Special Issue on Web Data Quality
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems


The standardization and adoption of Semantic Web technologies has resulted in an unprecedented volume of data being published as Linked Open Data (LOD). The integration across this Web of Data, however, is hampered by the ‘publish first, refine later’philosophy. This leads to various quality problems arising in the underlying data such as incompleteness, inconsistency and incomprehensibility. These problems affect every application domain, be it scientific (e.g., life science, environment), governmental or industrial applications.

This Special Issue is addressed to those members of the community interested in providing novel methodologies or frameworks in assessing, monitoring, maintaining and improving the quality of the Web of Data and also introduce tools and user interfaces which can effectively assist in the assessment. The benefits of such methodologies will not only help in detecting inherent data quality problems currently plaguing the Web of Data, but also provide the means to fix these problems and maintain the quality in the long run. Additionally, we also seek articles that help identify the current impediments in building real-world LOD applications


  • Web data and LOD quality concepts
  • Data quality dimensions and metrics for Web data and LOD quality
  • Web data and LOD quality methodologies
  • Data quality assessment frameworks
  • Evaluation of quality and trustworthiness in the web of data
  • (Semi-)automatic assessment in the web of data
  • Large-scale quality assessment of structured datasets
  • Validation of currently existing data quality assessment methodologies
  • Use-case driven quality assessment
  • Quality assessment leveraging background knowledge
  • Co-reference detection and dataset reconciliation
  • Data quality methodologies for linked open data
  • Evaluating quality of ontologies
  • Web data and LOD quality tools
  • Design and implementation of data quality monitoring, assessment and improvement tools
  • Quality exploration and analysis interfaces
  • Scalability and performance of tools
  • Monitoring tools
  • Case studies on Web data and LOD quality assessment and improvement
  • Web data and LOD quality benchmarks
  • Issues in LOD
  • Methods to acquire most relevant LOD datasets
  • Generating meaningful associations across LOD datasets
  • Two AKSW Papers at ESWC

    February 25, 2013 - 5:28 pm by AxelNgonga - No comments »

    Greetings World.

    We are happy to announce that the AKSW papers “COALA – Correlation-Aware Active Learning of Link Specifications” and “When to Reach for the Cloud: Using Parallel Hardware for Link Discovery” were selected for presentation at ESWC 2013. Each of the papers deals with one of the two main hurdles to scalable Link Discovery. COALA presents approaches that improve the convergence of active learning algorithms for learning link specifications. For this aim, COALA uses graph clustering and weight decay to include information on the distribution of most informative positive and negative link candicates in the selection process. The second paper deals with the scalability of Link Discovery and presents practical suggestions on when to use which hardware for linking. As a highlight, it presents GPU and Cloud implementations of the HR3 algorithm that we presented at ISWC 2012. All algorithms are implemented within the LIMES framework.

    Looking forward to seeing you at ESWC and link on!

    Axel for AKSW

    Two AKSW Papers at WWW

    February 17, 2013 - 1:04 am by AxelNgonga - 2 comments »

    The AKSW papers “Sorry, I don’t speak SPARQL – Translating SPARQL Queries into Natural Language” and “Question Answering on Interlinked Data” were accepted as full research papers for presentation at WWW2013. The first paper presents SPARQL2NL, a framework which  deals with the translation of SPARQL queries (and RDF triples) into natural language. The intention behind SPARQL2NL is to support for lay users who want to know what happens in the backend of the semantic system they are using. The framework has already been integrated into two pieces of software, i.e., the question answering engine TBSL and BioASQ‘s annotation tool for bio-medical questions. Moreover, it was shown to be of help for both SPARQL experts and non-experts. Check out the demo here. The second paper focuses on keyword search and question answering on interlinked data sets and shows how links across knowledge bases can be used to answer questions that require aggregating knowledge from several knowledge bases. The final versions of the papers will be made available soon. Please check them out and let us know what you think.

    Looking forward to seeing you at WWW,
    Axel for AKSW