OPDW-ONE: First OntoWiki Plugin Developer Workshop

When & Where?

Next week (27.02.2008) we arrange the first OntoWiki Plugin Developer Workshop (OPDW-ONE 🙂 ) at the IfI / University of Leipzig (room 5-10 3-36).

Group of Participants

  • OntoWiki Core Team: Christoph Riess, Michael Haschke, Norman Heino, Philipp Frischmuth, Sebastian Dietzold
  • Plugin Developer: Ceriel Jacobs (vakantieland.nl), Deniz Dalli (Interactive Systems), Martin Peklo, Maria Moritz, Michael Martin, Leszek Kotas, Thomas Kappel, Rolland Brunec


Deliverables after the Workshop

  • Plugin development cookbook for common plugin problems
  • Example plugin which uses most tricks of the plugin development cookbook
  • Screencast of the team programming session (maybe)

The workshop language is german. If you are interested in participation or want your own OntoWiki workshop drop a note to me.

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