New OntoWiki Screencast

OntoWiki Sindice Integration

We’ve prepared a brand new OntoWiki Screencast from the source trunk to show some special features of the new OntoWiki.

In particular, this screencast demonstrates

  1. the model dashboard with current discussions,
  2. discussions on specific resources,
  3. how to create a new property on a resource,
  4. how to link a local resource with an external one (from sindice), and
  5. how to gather linked data from this external resource.

From a technical point of view, this screencast demonstrates our new RDFa widget library (thx to Norman Heino), our data wrapper system (thx to Philipp Frischmuth) and our new map plugin (thx to Natanel Arndt).

The screencast is based on revision 3333 from the current trunk and uses the Virtuoso backend.

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