OntoWiki 0.9 Available

The AKSW team is very delighted to announce a new major release of our semantic data wiki OntoWiki. OntoWiki 0.9 is available from our download page. A screencast showing some new features is also available.

OntoWiki 0.9 Frontend Changes

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  • RDFa widget editing This feature separates the visualization of the RDF data in the browser
    from the statement editing component by using RDFa annotations inside the view and JavaScript
    editing widgets which are sensible to the type and context of the edited data.
  • Extension architecture with support for components, themes, datawrapper, translations and
    generic plugins: Most of OntoWiki’s functionality is implemented as extensions now; thus keeping
    the OntoWiki core very small.
  • Authentication support for local sioc:Users, FOAF+SSL WebIDs and OpenIDs.
  • Support for LinkedData both as server and consumer (see data gathering backend below).
  • Translations in English, German and Chinese

OntoWiki 0.9 Backend Changes (Erfurt)

  • Separation of the Semantic Web API Erfurt from the OntoWiki core
  • Support for multiple SPARQL RDF stores: Implementations are available for Virtuoso and
    ZendDB (i.e. MySQL); allowing installations with support for millions of triples.
  • Pattern-based query cache: In order to improve the performance of Semantic Web applications, we
    developed an approach for caching SPARQL query results and complete application objects, which
    is sensitive to knowledge store updates.
  • Data gathering: Support for plugable data gathering backends, e.g. for LinkedData gathering,
    DataWrapper for Twitter and Musicbrainz or Exporter, e.g. for EXIF data

Selected extensions packed with OntoWiki 0.9

  • FileManager: Upload / serve files and manage associated metadata.
  • Community: Create comments and discuss resources.
  • History / versioning: See last changes, browse history and rollback edits.
  • Map extension: Visualize resources which have direct and indirect geo-attributes attached.
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