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Open Knowledge Conference 2010

December 9, 2009 - 12:24 pm by Sören Auer - No comments »

OKCon, now in its fifth year, is the interdisciplinary conference that brings together individuals from across the open knowledge spectrum for a day of presentations and workshops.

Open knowledge promises significant social and economic benefits in a wide range of areas from governance to science, from culture to technology. Opening up access to content and data can radically increase access and reuse; improving transparency, fostering innovation and increasing societal welfare.

In addition to high-profile initiatives such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and the Human Genome Project, there is enormous growth among open knowledge projects and communities at all levels. Moreover, in the last year, many governments across the world began to open up their data.

And it doesn’t stop there. In academia, open access to both publications and data has been gathering momentum, and similar calls to open up learning materials have been heard in education. Furthermore, this gathering flood of open data and content is the creator and driver of massive technological change. How can we make this data available, how can we interlink it, how can we use it to collaborate and share our work?

  • where: London, UK
  • when: Saturday 24th April, 2010
  • www:
  • cfp: (deadline: Jan 31st 2010)
  • hashtag: #okcon2010

xOperator Masters Thesis completed

March 12, 2009 - 9:23 pm by JoergUnbehauen - One comment »

Finally my Masters Thesis covering our xOperator project is finished and can be viewed here. The thesis covers the whole creation and implementation process and thus adds some Software Engineering to the ideas presented at ESWC08 and ISWC08.  I’ll happily continue my studies here at AKSW as a Ph.D. student. Thanks again for your help, Sebastian Hellmann and Sebastian Dietzold!

xOperator 0.2 pre-release reunion

August 6, 2008 - 7:18 pm by Sebastian Tramp - No comments »

After some weeks of silence, Sebastian asked for a pre-release meeting for the 0.2 release of xOperator which we held today. We updated the issue tracker and talked about future plans and ideas. For this, Jörg and Sebastian created presentations:

We plan the xOperator 0.2 release for the last week of August. Overall, this release includes all the features which I’ve presented at the ESWC 2008 Demo session. In addition to this, we will present a web-based configuration tool where users can easily create their own xOperator setup file.

ESWC / SFSW 2008

May 30, 2008 - 8:27 pm by Sebastian Tramp - One comment »

OntoWiki Eyetracking Screenshot

I will give a talk about our xOperator project at the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2008) on Tenerife next Wednesday. The xOperator is an agent for xmpp / jabber network which queries and shares trusted resources (using RDF/SPARQL) for you and your jabber friends. In addition to the full paper, we got good reviews for the demo session too. So I present the xOperator in a more technical way at the demo session on Tuesday.

Another project which we started here is RDFAPI-JS. I present this work at the Scripting for the Semantic Web Workshop (SFSW2008) which is co-located with the ESWC. RDFAPI-JS is used for RDFa widgets which can be used to modify embedded RDF models.

Thanks to Jörg, Martin and Seppl (and of course Haschek for the awesome poster) which helped me preparing the demo and the presentations. Sorry for this last week … :-)

For more information about the projects, have a look at the following publications:

Goodbye SourceForge …

February 25, 2008 - 12:54 pm by Sebastian Tramp - 2 comments »

xOperator Logo
The xOperator Project is moved to Google Code which is much faster (the tracker, not the subversion repository) and has some nice features (e.g. the customizable grid view).

Traditionally we use for our open source project management. SF is a great side and I’m member of 9 projects there but it was time to move. Basically its a matter of speed. I work every day on tracker items like bug reports, feature requests and tasks for one of our projects and the sf-page is very slow in comparison to google code and also in comparison to our tracker for commercial projects (we use mantis for that).

Project resources of xOperator are now Issue Tracker, Downloads and Mailinglist (moved to google groups). Our homepage @ does not move.