Web of Data Practitioners Days

On 22nd of October Sören will give a talk at the Web of Data Practitioners Days in Vienna. Topics of the talk will be
how to expose RDF data from existing Web applications and how structured and semi-structured legacy data sources can be exposed as RDF and Linked Data.

In particular we will present Triplify – a lightweight plugin for Web applications, D2R – a mapping system which allows to expose relational data as RDF and enables mappings of SPARQL queries to SQL queries on the underlying relational databases, Virtuoso’s RDF Views – a technology, which is part of the Virtuoso Universal Server – a combined database and triple store – and which has similar functionality as Triplify and D2R. We will demonstrate how Wikis can serve as a source for structured content and semantics with the example of how DBpedia extracts knowledge from Wikipedia. We will show how OpenCalais can be used to annotate textual content. Last but not least we will explain how to expose other legacy sources, in particular from LDAP directories, CSV/Excel files, digital libraries with OAI-PMH.

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