Two AKSW Papers at ESWC

Greetings World.

We are happy to announce that the AKSW papers “COALA – Correlation-Aware Active Learning of Link Specifications” and “When to Reach for the Cloud: Using Parallel Hardware for Link Discovery” were selected for presentation at ESWC 2013. Each of the papers deals with one of the two main hurdles to scalable Link Discovery. COALA presents approaches that improve the convergence of active learning algorithms for learning link specifications. For this aim, COALA uses graph clustering and weight decay to include information on the distribution of most informative positive and negative link candicates in the selection process. The second paper deals with the scalability of Link Discovery and presents practical suggestions on when to use which hardware for linking. As a highlight, it presents GPU and Cloud implementations of the HR3 algorithm that we presented at ISWC 2012. All algorithms are implemented within the LIMES framework.

Looking forward to seeing you at ESWC and link on!

Axel for AKSW

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