Triplification with Google's Summer of Code

We did not participate as a mentor this year in Google’s Summer of Code program. However, there seem to be some Triplify related projects appearing. The PHP Content Management System Joomla! for example aims at integrating Triplify within a GSoC project:

Also the Drupal community is actively discussing to integrated Semantic Web and Linked Data interfaces such as Triplify. Probably also a number of other PHP related projects would be excited to see a Triplify integration. If you as a student are interested in participating and earning $5000 during the summer, just suggest a corresponding project to one of the GSoC mentors. But hurry, the application deadline ends March 31st.
BTW: You will also be eligible to participate in the Triplification Challenge we are currently preparing with the chance to win an MacBook Air, an EeePC or an IPod Touch.

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