ORE 0.1 Released

The set of tools released by the AKSW research group has a new member: ORE. ORE stands for ontology repair and enrichment. It is a tool for knowledge engineers to improve an OWL ontology through a wizard like repair process. It uses state-of-the-art methods for fixing inconsistencies and suggesting additions to an ontology, while still being efficient for small and medium sized ontologies. A screencast, which demonstrates its functionality, is available. As usual, the tool is available as open source, so you are free to download it. More information is available on the ORE wiki page. While the initial release already offers some quite powerful features, we plan to extend the tool in the mid term future with full support for knowledge bases available as Linked Data or SPARQL endpoints (as opposed to OWL/RDF files) and the detection of many common modelling errors. Thanks to Lorenz Bühmann for implementing ORE in his master thesis.

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