More than 8.000 visitors is now online for the first week and we would like to take the chance to thank everybody who has registered and to give you some updates.

We are very happy, that Cofundos got some coverage in news channels and blogs (e.g. Heise, and many others). Due to that, we had in the first week more than 8.000 visitors, of which more than 150 registered and created more than 40 projects and were placing roughly 100 bids amounting Euro 3700.

The numbers suggest, that most people find Cofundos interesting but maybe not yet fully comprehend the potential of pooling ideas and resources for funding open source:

Imagine if 1 Million users and people interested in open-source donate only 10 Euro a year and contribute ideas, requirements and votes, how this could accelerate the open-source movement.

In order to achieve this vision we would really appreciate your help:

  • please blog about Cofundos, put a link on your Web site and invite everybody you know to participate,
  • continue to post ideas for new projects and comment existing ones, check the projects if there is something you like and bid
  • if you posted a project idea, send a notification to relevant mailing lists, to newsgroups and people who regularly blog about related topics

In the next weeks we plan to roll out many small and large Cofundos improvements, e.g. a newly designed Web site, better integration with 3rd party Web sites & applications and much more – stay tuned.

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