In the recent years the LOD2 stack established a collection of applications developed in the context of the LOD2 project, presented as an unified environment. These applications are referred to as components although they can also be installed independently. However, having all these components in a single environment eases the access from one application to the other and improves the UI experience.

As LOD2 stack is now available in it’s second version, questions of usability and end users experience came more in the focus of the ungoing development. So the LOD2 consortium set up  a survey asking users of the LOD2 stack (or the online Demonstrator) for feedback, regarding their experiences with the LOD2stack and the separate components. The outcome of this, is to fine tune development and improve the user experience in each phase of the Linked Data life cycle.

The survey is open from April 15 to June 30 and will only demand 15 minutes of your time.

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