JWS Most Cited Article 2006-2010 Award for DBpedia paper

Together with the FU Berlin members of the DBpedia team Sebastian, Jens and Sören won the Journal of Web Semantics Most Cited Article 2006-2010 Award for the paper: DBpedia – A Crystallization Point for the Web of Data. The paper appeared in the special issue “The Web of Data” in Volume 7, Issue 3 of the Journal of Web Semantics (JWS) Elsevier in 2009. Since its publishing, DBpedia became a hub on the Web of Data and a crucial resource for many research approaches. From that perspective, its not surprising that the paper gets cited a lot, although much has changed meanwhile in DBpedia: there is now the DBpedia ontology, we have a collaborative mapping system in place for aligning the DBpedia data with this ontology. There are a number of internationalization efforts and DBpedia Live, which provides real-time updates is slowly maturing.

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