Deutsche Biographie becomes part of the LOD cloud

During a workshop on June 27th at the Historical College in Munich, the AKSW group and the group of the New German Biography at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities presented their results of the LOD2-supported PUBLINK project. Within this project meta-data about 46,000 biographies, 42,000 people and 12,000 locations were made available as Linked Data and RDF. We used the GND vocabulary of the German National Library and enriched it with a few additional classes and relations. In addition to the representation in RDF,  we offer an OntoWiki instance for browsing and querying the dataset. With the help of the RelationshipFinder tool relations between two or more persons may be visualized by using this SPARQL endpoint.

The 22 workshop participants from AKSW, BAdW, BSB, BMLO, Deutsches Museum, FAU Erlangen, GNM, ISGV and LMU started a discussion particularly on the question of how to increase the interlinking of historical information on the Semantic Web. The most crucial aspects in this respect were related to the representations of historical locations and to a more generalized vocabulary for historical information.

More information is available at the following websites:

Linked data endpoint / project page:

German Biography:

SPARQL endpoint and OntoWiki instance:

LOD2 project page:

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