Foaf+ssl presented by Henry Story in Leipzig

Next week, we are happy to welcome Henry Story on his foaf+ssl world tour. Henry will arrive on Sunday by bike (let’s wish for good weather and few wind) from Berlin.
On Monday, we will have an open meeting at the Johannisgasse 26, Leipzig starting 10 am , so whoever (students, colleagues, other) is interested in the topic is welcome to join us.

Semantic Social Web
“It is possible and easy to do what Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut and others do in a distributed way. On Facebook every user has a limited view of the social network available to him. Facebook on the other hand has the complete view of the network of its 200 millions members. We can now do the same and cut out the middleman.”

More information about foaf+ssl

Time: 13.07.09 starting at 10 am
Place: Johannisgasse 26, Leipzig
Room: Felix-Klein Hörsaal 1-22
Schedule (not strict):
– 10.00 talks: AKSW members give a brief introduction about current work and projects and then Henry talks about Foaf+ssl
– 13.00 Lunch
– 14.00 hands on session: creating foaf files, setting up a foaf+ssl server amongst other

Note from Seebi: Maybe we hack foaf+ssl support into OntoWiki? 🙂

Thanks in advance to Henry

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