ESWC 2010 Semantic Web in Use Track

Some AKSW members are involved in next year’s Semantic Web in Use Track of the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2010. Yes, its called “Extended”, instead of formerly “European”, in order to reflect the broadening of the topics of interest. Next year’s In-Use track is particularly devoted to:

  • Description of concrete problems in specific application domains, for which Semantic Web technologies can provide a solution.
  • Description of an implemented application of Semantic Web technologies in a specific domain.
  • Assessment of the pros and cons of using Semantic Web technologies to solve a particular business problem or other practical problems in a specific domain.
  • Comparison with alternative or competing approaches using conventional or competing technologies.
  • Assessment of the costs and benefits of the application of Semantic Web Technologies, e.g. time spent on implementation and deployment, efforts involved, user acceptance, returns on investment.
  • Evidence of deployment of the application, and assessment/evaluation of usage/uptake.
  • Domains of interest include, but are not limited to: semantics in the enterprise, improving access to governmental data, semantics-based solutions for health care and life sciences, digital libraries, games with a purpose, semantic geo-data management.

More information can be found at:

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