Philipp Cimiano and colleagues visit AKSW

On Jan 21st, Philipp Cimiano, Christina Unger and John McCrae from the Semantic Computing Group at CITEC at the University of Bielefeld visited AKSW. After each one briefly introduced themselves, Sören gave an overview of the activities and projects that AKSW is currently involved in focusing on the current projects that would be of interest to the visitors. Thereafter, John gave a detailed presentation about the MONNET project, in which a lexical model for ontologies is developed, which provides multilingual ontology localization, cross-lingual ontology-based information extraction and multi-lingual knowledge access and visualization. This was followed by an discussion of possible integration of MONNET with OntoWiki. In particular, OntoWiki could be used as an editor for so called lemon models, which are used in MONNET. Next, Sebastian Hellmann presented his vision of the NLP2RDF framework, which integrates multiple NLP tools and linguistic ontologies in order to explicate implicit meaning of natural language by means of RDF/OWL descriptions. He also shared ideas on building a linguistic LOD cloud. Post lunch, we split up into a smaller group to discuss about specific projects within both groups. Christina gave a presentation on the question answering system Pythia that uses lemon for linguistic parsing. Thereafter, John demonstrated the lemon system, Saeedeh and Sören showed the LOD Query system (currently work in progress) and Jens demonstrated the AutoSPARQL prototype.  Moreover, experimental settings for the “1st Challenge on Question Answering over Linked Data” were discussed. The meeting ended with exchange of interesting ideas discussions about potential collaborations between the two groups. Some individual meetings between group meetings were scheduled, in particular related to question answering systems and NLP models, where we hope to push the state of the art by combining knowledge and experience from both groups.

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