New DBpedia Overview Article

We are pleased to announce that a new overview article for DBpedia is available.

The article covers several aspects of the DBpedia community project:

  • The DBpedia extraction framework.
  • The mappings wiki as the central structure for maintaining the community-curated DBpedia ontology.
  • Statistics on the multilingual support in DBpedia.
  • DBpedia live synchronisation with Wikipedia.
  • Statistics on the interlinking of DBpedia with other parts of the LOD cloud (incoming and outgoing links).
  • Several usage statistics: What kind of queries are asked against DBpedia and how did that change over the past years? How much traffic do the official static and live endpoint as well as the download server have? What are the most popular DBpedia datasets?
  • A description of use cases and applications of DBpedia in several areas (drop me mail if important applications are missing).
  • The relation of DBpedia to the YAGO, Freebase and WikiData projects.
  • Future challenges for the DBpedia project.

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After our ISWC 2009 paper on DBpedia, this is the (long overdue) new reference article for DBpedia, which should provide a good introduction to the project. We submitted the article as a system report to the Semantic Web journal.

Download article as PDF.

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