AKSW was winning COMPSAC 2012 Best Paper Award for article about RDFa Content Editor

Already some time ago, AKSW’s Ali Khalili was releasing an open-source version of the RDFa Content Editor (RDFaCE). RDFaCE is based on the Web HTML Editor TinyMCE and supports different views for semantic content authoring. It uses existing Semantic Web APIs to facilitate the automatic annotation and editing of RDFa content embedded in HTML. All information about RDFaCE can be found at the project page:


An online demo is available at: http://rdface.aksw.org

An article about RDFaCE was recently accepted for presentation and publication at COMPSAC 2012. The full article is available here. The article now won the COMPSAC 2012 best paper award.

We want to thank Ontos AG (and in particular Daniel Hladky) for their support and contributions to RDFaCE.

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