AKSW Colloquium, 29.02.2016, Path-based Semantic Relatedness

In the incoming colloquium, Michael Röder will present the paper “Path-based Semantic Relatedness on Linked Data and its use to Word and Entity Disambiguation” from Hulpus et al., published in the proceedings of ISWC 2015 [PDF].


Semantic relatedness and disambiguation are fundamental problems for linking text documents to the Web of Data. There are many approaches dealing with both problems but most of them rely on word or concept distribution over Wikipedia. They are therefore not applicable to concepts that do not have a rich textual description. In this paper, we show that semantic relatedness can also be accurately computed by analysing only the graph structure of the knowledge base. In addition, we propose a joint approach to entity and word-sense disambiguation that makes use of graph-based relatedness. As opposed to the majority of state-of-the-art systems that target mainly named entities, we use our approach to disambiguate both entities and common nouns. In our experiments, we first validate our relatedness measure on multiple knowledge bases and ground truth datasets and show that it performs better than related state-of-the-art graph based measures. Afterwards, we evaluate the disambiguation algorithm and show that it also achieves superior disambiguation accuracy with respect to alternative state-of-the-art graph-based algorithms.

About the AKSW Colloquium

This event is part of a series of events about Semantic Web technology. Please see http://wiki.aksw.org/Colloquium for further information about previous and future events. As always, Bachelor and Master students are able to get points for attendance and there is complimentary coffee and cake after the session.

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