AKSW Colloquium, 2 November, 3pm, Automating Geo-spatial RDF Dataset Integration and Enrichment

Mohamed Sherif depictionOn November 2nd at 3 PM, Mohamed Sherif will present the progress of his PhD titled “Automating Geo-spatial RDF Dataset Integration and Enrichment”.


Within this thesis, we will spur the transition from islands of isolated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to enriched geo-spatial Linked Data sets with which geographic information can easily be integrated and processed. To achieve this goal, we will provide concepts, approaches and use cases that facilitate the combination and manipulation of geographic information with other data types that are already present on the Linked Data Web. Moreover, we will provide means to automate the proposed approaches by applying unsupervised machine learning algorithms or weakly supervised algorithms.


About the AKSW Colloquium

This event is part of a series of events about Semantic Web technology. Please see http://wiki.aksw.org/Colloquium for further information about previous and future events. As always, Bachelor and Master students are able to get points for attendance and there is complimentary coffee and cake after the session.

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