AKSW Colloquium, 13-04-2015, Effective Caching Techniques for Accelerating Pattern Matching Queries

In this colloquium, Claus Stadler will present the paper Effective Caching Techniques for Accelerating Pattern Matching Queries by Arash Fard, Satya Manda, Lakshmish Ramaswamy, and John A. Miller.

Abstract: Using caching techniques to improve response time of queries is a proven approach in many contexts. However, it is not well explored for subgraph pattern matching queries, mainly because  of  subtleties  enforced  by  traditional  pattern  matching models.  Indeed,  efficient  caching  can  greatly  impact  the  query answering performance for massive graphs in any query engine whether  it  is  centralized  or  distributed.  This  paper  investigates the capabilities of the newly introduced pattern matching models in graph simulation family for this purpose. We propose a novel caching technique, and show how the results of a query can be used to answer the new similar queries according to the similarity measure  that  is  introduced.  Using  large  real-world  graphs,  we experimentally verify the efficiency of the proposed technique in answering subgraph pattern matching queries

Link to PDF

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