AKSW Colloquium, 11-05-2015, DBpedia distributed extraction framework

Scaling up the DBpedia extraction framework by Nilesh Chakraborty

NileshThe DBpedia extraction framework extracts different kinds of structured information from Wikipedia to generate various datasets. Performing a full extraction of Wikipedia dumps of all languages (or even just the mapping-based languages) takes a significant amount of time. The distributed extraction framework runs the extraction on top of Apache Spark so that users can leverage multi-core machines or a distributed cluster of commodity machines to perform faster extraction. For example, performing extraction of the 30-40 mapping based languages on a machine with a quad-core CPU and 16G RAM takes about 36 hours. Running the distributed framework in the same setting using three such worker nodes takes around 10 hours. It’s easy to achieve faster running times by adding more cores or more machines. Apart from the Spark-based extraction framework, we have also implemented a distributed wiki-dump downloader to download Wikipedia dumps for multiple languages, from multiple mirrors, on a cluster in parallel. This is still a work in progress, and in this talk I will discuss the methods and challenges involved in this project, and our immediate goals and timeline.

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