AKSW Colloquium, 11.04.2016, METEOR with DBnary

Depiction of Diego MoussallemIn this week’s Colloquium, today 11th of April at 3 PM, Diego Moussallem will present the paper by Zied Elloumi et al. titled “METEOR for Multiple Target Languages using DBnary.” [PDF].


This paper proposes an extension of METEOR, a well-known MT evaluation metric, for multiple target languages using an in-house lexical resource called DBnary (an extraction from Wiktionary provided to the community as a Multilingual Lexical Linked Open Data). Today, the use of the synonymy module of METEOR is only exploited when English is the target language (use of WordNet). A synonymy module using DBnary would allow its use for the 21 languages (covered up to now) as target languages. The code of this new instance of METEOR, adapted to several target languages, is provided to the community. We also show that our DBnary augmented METEOR increases the correlation with human judgements on the WMT 2013 and 2014 metrics dataset for English-to-(French, Russian, German, Spanish) language pairs.

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