Navigational Knowledge Engineering (NKE) and HANNE

Over the last year, we have worked on a methodology called Navigational Knowledge Engineering – in short NKE.

We have amounted a good deal of documents, a web demo (HANNE) , source code and images, which we publish and link to on this page:

NKE is a light-weight methodology for low-cost knowledge engineering by a massive user base. Although structured data is becoming widely available, no other methodology – to the best of our knowledge – is currently able to scale up and provide light-weight knowledge engineering for a massive user base. Using NKE, data providers can publish flat data on the Web without extensively engineering structure upfront, but rather observe how structure is created on the fly by interested users, who navigate the knowledge base and at the same time also benefit from using it. The vision of NKE is to produce ontologies as a result of users navigating through a system. This way, NKE reduces the costs for creating expressive knowledge by disguising it as navigation.

We would also like to steer your attention to the Web Demo at, the Tutorial slides for the Web demo and two mockups, which visualize how the methodology could be integrated into Wikipedia and .

As we believe that the methodology is quite novel (please tell us in case you know something similar), we are still discussing all possible applications and implications. In particular, we are searching for suggestions, where to integrate and test our methodology next. Please feel free to contact us.

Special thanks to Markus Strohmaier (TU Graz)

Sebastian Hellmann, Jens Lehmann, Jörg Unbehauen and Claus Stadler

Main Page:
Web demo:
Tutorial slides:

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