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SlideWiki wins the creative innovation project award 2014 for OpenCourseWare excellence

April 27, 2014 - 9:15 pm by AliKhalili - No comments »

Just a couple of days ago, a paper about SlideWiki was presented at OCW Consortium Global Conference 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The paper was addressing “Crowd-sourcing (semantically) Structured Multilingual Educational Content (CoSMEC)”. In the presentation, Darya Tarasowa gave a detailed overview of the creation of multilingual open educational resources (OERs) in SlideWiki. SlideWiki is an OpenCourseWare authoring platform which enables crowdsourcing of the truly reusable structured open educational content.

At the closing ceremony of the conference, SlideWiki received the creative innovation project award for OpenCourseWare excellence from OCW Consortium. Project awards are aiming to recognize efforts that support the production, use and/or promotion of OCW/OER in ways other than the creation and use of material resources. The Creative Innovation Award recognizes outstanding innovations that bring a new approach to Open Education. Ideas or solutions presented as sites, courses or projects that substantially improve the discoverability, presentation, usability, accessibility or availability of course materials. For more information please visit:

To get access to full-text of SlideWiki paper presented at OCW Consortium Global Conference 2014 visit:

Webinar recording on crowdsourced OpenCourseWare authoring with SlideWiki available

January 20, 2014 - 12:53 am by Sören Auer - No comments »

On Jan 21, 2014 at 15:00 CET we were hosting a webinar on crowdsourced, multilingual OpenCourseWare authoring with is a platform for OpenCourseWare authoring and publishing. Similar as Wikipedia allows the collaborative authoring of encyclopedic texts, GitHub of sourceode or OpenStreetMaps of maps, SlideWiki enables communities to create comprehensive open educational resources. SlideWiki is open-source software and all content in SlideWiki is Open Knowledge. In this hangout we want to introduce SlideWiki’s rich feature set and explain how SlideWiki can be used for educational projects and teaching.

SlideWiki is now Open Source

September 24, 2013 - 11:45 pm by AliKhalili - One comment »

We are pleased to announce that we have just released the source code under the permissive Apache open-source license. It is now available for download from the AKSW Github repository at:

The SlideWiki database dumps are also available at: is a platform for OpenCourseWare authoring and enables communities of educators to author, share and re-use multilingual educational content in a truly collaborative way. By completely open-sourcing SlideWiki and giving the community access to all the content we aim at:

  • Providing open access to crowdsourced e-learning material to be authored, shared and reused.
  • Collaborating with other open-source projects to improve the quality of SlideWiki implementation.
  • Inviting developers to openly contribute to SlideWiki and to write customized plugins and themes for SlideWiki.
  • Providing offline access to SlideWiki system.

To read more about SlideWiki features, see:

On behalf of SlideWiki team,
Ali Khalili, Darya Tarasowa and Sören Auer

SlideWiki at CSEDU2013 Conference

May 10, 2013 - 11:21 am by AliKhalili - No comments »

CSEDU 2013, the International Conference on Computer Supported Education was taking place in Aachen, Germany this year. The conference was addressing different e-learning themes such as Information Technologies Supporting Learning, Learning/Teaching Methodologies and Assessment, Ubiquitous Learning, Social Context and Learning Environments as well as Cloud Education Environments.CSEDU2013
On behalf of AKSW, Ali Khalili and Darya Tarasowa presented two papers namely “CrowdLearn: Crowd-sourcing the Creation of Highly-structured E-Learning Content” and “Balanced Scoring Method for Multiple-mark Questions” at the conference (with acceptance rate 13% for full papers). The corresponding slides are available on SlideWiki (CrowdLearn, Balanced Scoring). The CrowdLearn paper discussing the underlying philosophy behind SlideWiki received many attention from the audience and was also nominated for the best-paper award in the conference. There were many people who were interested in using SlideWiki for publishing their teaching material and to share their educational content with other people in an OpenCourseWare environment.

Most of the keynotes were addressing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and the new paradigms emerging on the Web for social learning. SlideWiki as an example of collaboration platform was also mentioned by professor Michael E. Auer in his keynote about the new engineering challenges in e-learning.

SlideWiki webinar recording available on YouTube

March 17, 2013 - 9:11 am by Sören Auer - No comments »

We were giving a Webinar on SlideWiki in the course of Open Education Week on Friday. The video recording is now available on YouTube. The webinar comprises a walk-through SlideWiki’s features.