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New database-driven SPARQL engine for RAP

April 29, 2007 - 12:24 am by Sebastian Tramp - One comment »

Today our diploma student Christian Weiske finished the last bits of his RAP based database-driven SPARQL engine which implements most parts of the W3C recommendation now. Compared to the current memory-based SPARQL engine in RAP, SparqlEngineDb generates SQL queries to load off the hard work to the database engine. This speeds up SPARQL queries greatly, allowing operation on millions of RDF statements with ease, and without worrying about PHP memory consumption.

A new version of RAP including the new engine will be released shortly. In the meantime, Powl and OntoWiki internals will be switched to use SPARQL queries making it possible to use different data backends.

OntoWiki / Powl 0.95 released

March 13, 2007 - 4:28 pm by Sebastian Tramp - 2 comments »

We’ve released Version 0.95 of our OntoWiki / Powl Semantic Web application suite. New features include an OntoWiki Command Line Interface (owcli), which is a PHP command line script for administration and remote control of OntoWiki models. Other changes are:

  • system ontology translation updates (nl)
  • code and gui cleanups (OntoWiki)
  • installation improvements
  • further steps towards MSIE compatibility
  • shipping with newest RAP version
  • some bugfixes (Powl API, OntoWiki)

You can download this release at SourceFourge

BTW: pOWL is now written Powl to avoid questions on how to pronounce the name :-)