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May 4-5: Leipziger Semantic Web Tag 2011 and Local Media Conferenz

April 16, 2011 - 5:39 pm by Sören Auer - No comments »

Like in the past two years, we again organize a Leipzig Semantic Web Day on May 5th at the marvelous Mediencampus Villa Ida. This year’s theme is “Linked Data  for the Masses”, particularly focusing on its use in enterprises. This event will not only give you the opportunity to discuss current developments around semantic web technologies, but also to get in touch with companies from the German-speaking world. LSWT2011 will have two distinguished keynote speakers: Martin Hepp will share his vision and recent developments around the GoodRelations ecommerce vocabulary with us. The second keynoter Andreas Blumauer from the Semantic Web Company in Vienna will show us how Linked Data can facilitate clean energy.

On the pre-conference day May 4th we will have two tutorials  – an introduction to the Semantic Data Web and another one on the GoodRelations ecommerce vocabulary. Also, on May 4th SoLoMo the Local Media Conference takes place at the Mediencampus, discussing developments around Groupon, Foursquare, Qype, MyHeimat and other local-oriented media.

You can find more information about LSWT at:

We thank the following LSWT sponsors for their support:

AKSW presents four papers at ISWC in Shanghai and wins Best Paper award

November 11, 2010 - 11:16 am by Sören Auer - No comments »

The AKSW research group is represented in the main ISWC conference programme this year with four papers. International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) is the major international forum where the latest research results and technical innovations on all aspects of the Semantic Web are presented. Acceptance rates for the main conference programme were this year 20% for the research track and 26% for the In-Use track. AKSW’s presentations at ISWC in Shanghai include:

The paper titled Knowledge Engineering for Historians on the Example of the Catalogus Professorum Lipsiensis was awarded the best In-Use track paper award.

Adaptive SPARQL Query Cache

January 25, 2010 - 12:34 am by Sören Auer - No comments »

AKSW is pleased to announce the first availability of our Adaptive SPARQL Query Cache, a light-weight SPARQL proxy for caching query results and selectively invalidating stored results upon updates. SPARQL-backed applications can be accelerated by simply routing all SPARQL and SPARUL queries through the proxy. In scenarios with recurring query patterns the caching increases responsiveness and overall performance as we validated with an adapted version of the BSBM benchmark. The caching and invalidation was implemented in Java and in PHP and is available together with additional documentation from:

Open Knowledge Conference 2010

December 9, 2009 - 12:24 pm by Sören Auer - No comments »

OKCon, now in its fifth year, is the interdisciplinary conference that brings together individuals from across the open knowledge spectrum for a day of presentations and workshops.

Open knowledge promises significant social and economic benefits in a wide range of areas from governance to science, from culture to technology. Opening up access to content and data can radically increase access and reuse; improving transparency, fostering innovation and increasing societal welfare.

In addition to high-profile initiatives such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and the Human Genome Project, there is enormous growth among open knowledge projects and communities at all levels. Moreover, in the last year, many governments across the world began to open up their data.

And it doesn’t stop there. In academia, open access to both publications and data has been gathering momentum, and similar calls to open up learning materials have been heard in education. Furthermore, this gathering flood of open data and content is the creator and driver of massive technological change. How can we make this data available, how can we interlink it, how can we use it to collaborate and share our work?

  • where: London, UK
  • when: Saturday 24th April, 2010
  • www:
  • cfp: (deadline: Jan 31st 2010)
  • hashtag: #okcon2010

ESWC 2010 Semantic Web in Use Track

November 5, 2009 - 6:58 pm by Sören Auer - No comments »

Some AKSW members are involved in next year’s Semantic Web in Use Track of the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2010. Yes, its called “Extended”, instead of formerly “European”, in order to reflect the broadening of the topics of interest. Next year’s In-Use track is particularly devoted to:

  • Description of concrete problems in specific application domains, for which Semantic Web technologies can provide a solution.
  • Description of an implemented application of Semantic Web technologies in a specific domain.
  • Assessment of the pros and cons of using Semantic Web technologies to solve a particular business problem or other practical problems in a specific domain.
  • Comparison with alternative or competing approaches using conventional or competing technologies.
  • Assessment of the costs and benefits of the application of Semantic Web Technologies, e.g. time spent on implementation and deployment, efforts involved, user acceptance, returns on investment.
  • Evidence of deployment of the application, and assessment/evaluation of usage/uptake.
  • Domains of interest include, but are not limited to: semantics in the enterprise, improving access to governmental data, semantics-based solutions for health care and life sciences, digital libraries, games with a purpose, semantic geo-data management.

More information can be found at: