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AKSW at TU Dresden PLT

June 17, 2011 - 3:34 pm by Jens Lehmann - One comment »

On June 8, I (Jens) visited the process control engineering research group (PLT) of Leon Urbas at the Dresden University of Technology. We first met on the Leipziger Semantic Web Day where Leon Urbas presented interactive Linked Data applications and decided to have a longer meeting later on. I first gave a talk on the Linked Data Lifecycle (slides as PDF), which is a central element of the vision behind the LOD2 project – a cycle of mutual refinement which can help to overcome some of the problems in using Linked Data. It extends on an earlier vision description by Sören and me.

After the initial presentation, we exchanged ideas for collaboration between our groups. The PLT group has a very strong record in large scale practical applications, mobile devices and usability testing. Since their background is automation engineering, they view semantic technologies as a way to connect large networks of knowledge in a flexible manner. They were particularly interested in some of our research and software tools like LIMES, SAIM and OntoWiki. I enjoyed staying at the group and I am looking forward to further meetings.

AKSW Conference participation this spring: ESWC, ICWE, WIMS

February 27, 2011 - 1:32 pm by Sören Auer - 2 comments »

Members of AKSW are actively participating in some key (Semantic) Web conferences this spring.

AKSW was already involved in the organization of 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference 2011 with Jens being one of the PC Chairs of the Linked Data track and a number of other AKSW researchers serving as members of the PC of various tracks, workshops and side events. Now also three AKSW submissions were accepted for the main conference programm (having a 23% acceptance rate) at ESWC:

For 11th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2011), Sören serves as chair of the programme committee and Axel is one of the Demo & Poster Chairs.

Sören is also giving a key-note on “Creating Knowledge Out of Interlinked Data” at the International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS’11). WIMS takes place from May 25th-27th in Sogndal, Norway.

OntoWiki Mobile – knowledge management in your pocket

January 17, 2011 - 5:28 pm by Timofey Ermilov - 7 comments »

The AKSW research group is pleased to announce the first prototype of OntoWiki Mobile, which allows users to collect instance data and refine structured knowledge bases on-the-go. The development of OntoWiki Mobile was triggered by users aiming to gather data in field conditions (e.g. bio-diversity surveys). It allows accessing OntoWiki on a mobile device, even without persistent data connection and limited electric power supply.

OntoWiki Mobile is a mobile semantic collaboration platform based on the OntoWiki framework. It is implemented as an HTML5 web application and completely mobile device platform independent. The mobile UI was built using HTML5 and jQuery Mobile specially for mobile devices. It allows simple navigation through interlinked resources in OntoWiki knowledge bases.
OntoWiki Mobile allows offline access to selected knowledge bases with the ability to author data offline and synchronize it later once the data connection becomes available again.
An faceted browsing mode optimized for the mobile use enables OntoWiki Mobile users to quickly retrieve information on the go. Resource editing in OntoWiki Mobile is done using RDFauthor. The system makes use of RDFa-annotations in web views in order to make the RDF model data available on the client.

More details can be found at the project page.

Latest revision is always available as a demo.