AKSW Colloquium, 15.02.2016, Mandolin + X-Feasible

Tommaso SoruOn the 15th of February at 3 PM, Tommaso Soru will present his ongoing research titled “Mandolin: Markov Logic Networks for Discovering Links”.


Among the several approaches for Knowledge Discovery in non-relational databases which have been proposed so far, many are based on Markov Logic Networks (MLNs). However, no existing MLN framework which implements the entire workflow scales well on large datasets. In this paper, we fill this gap by proposing Mandolin, a MLN-based hybrid approach for discovering any type of relationships specifically on RDF datasets. Mandolin transforms RDFS/OWL rules into MLN rules, makes use of federated queries to import knowledge from referenced graphs, and creates similarity relationships among similar literals. Moreover, we rely on state-of-the-art methods for the subtasks of rule mining, grounding, and inference computation. Finally, we show that our approach is more scalable than other MLN frameworks and achieves comparable results with respect to other statistical-learning algorithms.

Later on, at 3:30 PM, our guest Adnan Akhter from HFT Stuttgart will present “X-FEASIBLE: Extended Feature-Based SPARQL Benchmark Generation Framework out of Queries Log”.

About the AKSW Colloquium

This event is part of a series of events about Semantic Web technology. Please see http://wiki.aksw.org/Colloquium for further information about previous and future events. As always, Bachelor and Master students are able to get points for attendance and there is complimentary coffee and cake after the session.


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