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OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Asynchronous Jobs with Gearmand

October 29, 2013 - 12:34 pm by Sebastian Tramp - No comments »

To be ready for use-cases where time-consuming jobs need to be done in the background, the eccenca dev team added support for the gearmand job server:

Gearman provides a generic application framework to farm out work to other machines or processes that are better suited to do the work.

More specifically, we had esp. the site extension (e.g. asynchronous content publishing) , pingback (web pings can be time consuming), publish/subscribe (same here) data testing (e.g. our own Databugger) and other use-cases in mind.

The asynchronous jobs feature is now merged to the develop branch and will be published with the next regular release (both Erfurt and OntoWiki). To use it now, Christian from eccenca created a nice documentation document for extension developers.

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: LOV Integration

September 11, 2013 - 11:03 am by Sebastian Tramp - No comments »

This weeks presented feature is the new integration interface of the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) repository. LOV is a hand crafted repository of linked RDF/OWL vocabularies with well managed vocabulary meta data. We added a Vocabulary Selection module in order to allow searching and exploring of the LOV repository. This module allows for:

  • Create a Knowledge Base directly from a search result by importing the content from the web (create model screen)
  • Add the content of a specific vocabulary to an existing Knowledge Base (add data screen)
  • Add namespace prefixes based on a LOV search (configure model screen)

Search is done by a SPARQL query which uses a case-insensitive regular expression over all direct properties of the listed vocabularies.

The screenshot shows the module in action, in this case a result of a search for “Event”.

This LOV integration is currently available in the develop branch only and will be released with the next OntoWiki version.

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Document Management

September 8, 2013 - 9:11 pm by Sebastian Tramp - No comments »

This weeks presented feature is the files extension available at

An not so often requested feature of OntoWiki is the ability to not just talk about resources such as PDF documents and MP3 files, but also to manage these files inside OntoWiki. The files extension is exactly this. By enabling this extension, you can

  • Upload and download any file to your wiki
  • Annotate and explore uploaded files as any OntoWiki resource
  • Attach a file to an existing resource

This allows for use cases such as music database or bibliography management where your data is about concrete documents. In addition to that, this extension is useful if you already use the site extension and just want to upload some multimedia for your site.

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: API Documentation

August 28, 2013 - 3:00 pm by Christian Würker - No comments »

This week we would like to present the revised API reference documentation, hostet at

The documentation collects informationen about classes of OntoWiki and the Erfurt library while leaving out other libraries (like Zend Framework etc.) to stay compact.

Next to the documentation for the master branch, you now are also able to look inside the current state at the develop branch.
While the master branch documentation keeps it simple, the develop branch documentation offers more information (hints, todos, etc.) for developers.

A special feature of the OntoWiki API documentation is the presentation of the triggered events including documentation and location.

For working offline you now can download the complete API reference documentation of each branch directly from (see tab Downloads).

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Enhanced Model Creation

August 20, 2013 - 11:13 am by NatanaelArndt - No comments »

Dear OntoWiki Users,

This weeks feature hooks into the knowledge base/model creation and add data process.

You can create a new knowledge base from the “Knowledge Bases” module’s menu with “Edit > Create Knowledge Base”.
The title and the URI for the new knowledge base are optional now and you can start rightaway with a new empty knowledge base or select one of the option:

  • Import an RDF resource from the web (queries the model URI with Linked Data)
  • Upload an RDF Dump (supported formats are RDF/XML, RDF/JSON, Turtle and N3)
  • Paste Source (the same as “Upload an RDF Dump” but with an input form)

But what is OntoWiki without extensions?
You can define a new import method with an extension by registering it for the “onProvideImportActions”-event.
One example for such an extension is the csvimporter (which will be one of the next features of the week ;-) )

The add data action (“Add Data to Knowledge Base” in the knowledge base’s context menu) is now the same as the one used for creating a new knowledge base. This implies that there are the same extensions registered and the same options available.

This feature is available in the develop branch and will be published with
OntoWiki 0.9.11.

Best regards

Natanael Arndt