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OntoWiki 0.8 and owcli 0.2 released

September 22, 2007 - 1:01 pm by Sebastian Tramp - 2 comments »

OntoWiki 0.8 is now available for download. Changes in this release include

  • A complete new default theme with smarter html structure and a desktop like style with windows and menus
  • Statement Based Access Control (experimental)
  • Improved RDF/XML exporter for resources and models
  • Support for hidden classes
  • Several GUI enhancements (see a complete list in the changelog)

Additionally, we’ve released the second version of our OntoWiki Command Line Interface (owcli). owcli is a php-based command line tool to administrate and manipulate OntoWiki Knowledge Bases. Changes in release 0.2 include:

You can download OntoWiki and owcli in our SF File Section.

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  1. From Michael Haschke:

    If anyone get a fatal error at the first OntoWiki run (Tables not found), it may depend on the php eaccelorator feature is switched on in php.ini. Please switch it off, execeptions can’t be catched in this case. See also the report in OntoWiki tracker.

  2. From WenueEnamyMam:

    Hi guys and gals ! How are you ? I am new here, pleaze welcome me.

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